Been Running/Joggin lately

Ok so I'm "trying" really hard to get into the habit of running. I run for about 30-45 mins several times per week. Sometimes things get hectic with work, kids, life etc. and I maybe only run once or twice a week. I've been doing it for about a month or so now with ZERO weight loss!!! Talk about frustration!!!! Admittedly I really have not changed my eating habits BUT one would think that simply adding the exercise would do something. I guess I will have to give it another month or two. My biggest problem is the whole instant gratification thing, I want to see results NOW!!!! Yesterday I was in a horrible mood, very sad and uncertain about things in life, so I decided instead of being depressed and taking a nap, which is my usual way of dealing with depression, Id take a run. Well its was like 92 degrees outside in this Dallas heat but I tell you it was probably the easiest run I've done so far. Since I had so much on my mind I was so focused on that and clearing my head that I almost, and I say "Almost" because my feet and lungs sure felt it ;-) forgot that I was running, LOL Not that I want to be upset but it sure is a good boost when your in a negative mood, plus a good cure for Jason's Deli Belly ;-)

I should post Before and After pictures. Ill try to do that later this week. maybe then I can see some real results.
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