Back to the blog...Finally!!!

Well its been MONTHS since I have updated my blog. Now Im super motivated and ready to take this to a new level. I'd really like to use the excuse of being too busy for the reason why I have not updated the blog, but that would not be entirly honest, yes I was busy with work, kids, life, but who isn't. The main reasons I fell out were, A;)I was having a difficult time in my life and I needed to work through that, which I have managed to come out the other side alive and for the most part not too jaded, and B:) I just got lazy, no excuse. Anyway Im back and ready to work this thing. Im going to be making alot of updates and possibly changing the entire layout and maybe even some of the content. I still want to provide great resources for free stuff and great giveaways but I'd like to add more content, more personal content, so keep an eye out for all the changes still to come. Thanks for supporting me ;-)
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