FREE Snuggie Blanket, No S&H, Totally FREE

WOW, today i found an Incredible freebie, a FREE snuggie blanket. I found this one on a fellow freebie site, Free sample freak.Awesome Freebie site by the way). I signed up for my free snuggie blanket, says totally FREE, no shipping or handling charges, can't beat that. I sure hope it comes. I keep seeing the commercial and I've always wanted one so now I get to try it out. I have to admit I think they are kind of pointless, I mean why not just use a blanket? The I got to thinking and realized blankets are so cumbersome when you are trying to read or eat and you have to keep constantly taking your arms in and out, how do you stay warm that way? Im totally excited to try this blanket. Once it comes I'll post back on what I think of it. Now what are you doing still reading this? Go get your own FREE Snuggie
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