Pickey eater #1 Louis and a close second, Genevieve.

My son, who also happens to be my first born is a VERY picky eater! I don't think people realize just HOW picky he is. His diet consists mostly of chicken nuggets, pizza, and peanut butter and jelly, and even those he eats scarcely. ofcourse he could 'snack" on crap foods all day long, things like fruit snacks, Graham crackers etc. he eats no veggies, no pasta, not even hamburgers, is this kid not American or what? He eats a few fruits (Bananas and apples) but only on rare occasions. I've tried every trick in the book, hiding veggies in stuff, he ALWAYS finds them. Making cute shapes, he even wont eat all day long at school even though his friends eat. So that old saying when he sees his friends eating he will eat is a load of BS, atleaste in my case. The one trick that has worked was making muffins and hiding good things in there, he fell for that, but can I really feed him muffins everyday??? hmmm... Ofcourse I make sure he gets a multi vitamin and he drinks carnation instant breakfast in the morning for extra vitamins and protein. I know this was our fault, see we were very inexperienced, like alot of other parents, we had no family living near by, hell neither one of us had ever even babysat prior to having our first child, LOL. When he started eating solids he would push away certain food, so being the concerned mommy taht I was wanting to make sure he ate something, would simply go make him something else untill he found something he liked, inturn turning me into a short order cook.So Im researching quick, and easy meals and recipies for picky toddlers and Im going to try several different ones each week and post back with the meal plan and the outcome. I simply cannot be a short order cook any longer, I want just once to be able to make a meal and have the entire family eat it. Keep your fingers crossed everyone, and please feel free to share your experiences.

PS> I was just googling and found a book called Cure your picky eater, its $37.99. has anyone tried this and if so did it work for you? i don't want to put my money into some scam, but I am SUPER worried about my childs nutrition and growth.
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