The Marvelous Toy Book with CD Review and Giveaway from Imagine Publishing

The Marvelous Toy Book with CD Review and Giveaway

Words & Music by Tom Paxton
Illustrated by Steve Cox

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   This fantastic and magical book was provided to me by Imagine Publishing to review and offer as a giveaway to my readers.

   Tom Paxtons Magically, enchanted Marvelous Toy tells the tale of a  mysterious and magical toy that a father gives his son and gets passed down from generation to generation. It was originally a song and now has been turned into a spectacular picture book for young children and comes along with a companion CD featuring the Marvelous Toy song along with three others sung by Tom Paxton himself. Let me tell you, this book is exactly like the title states, simply Marvelous, enchanting and magical. I have a 4 year old son who has recently been uninterested in reading or being read too and he simply adores this book and CD. My daughter who is two only wants to read the Marvelous Toy, along with the CD every single night since we got thee book. They are both simply mesmerized by it. Infact my son took it to his pre school for show and tell and the entire class enjoyed the book as well. The book and song seem to be becoming a nightly staple in our home, both children walk around singing the song all day long. It is beautifully and colorfully illustrated, even a very small baby would love to marvel at the bright colors on the pages and listen to the beat of the catchy Marvelous Toy song. This book will be embraced by all ages, I know I even love it and have the catchy tune stuck in my head too. I cannot say enough about this fantastic book and would definitely recommend it no matter how old or young your child is. This would make a great Christmas present for new readers.

Heres what the Publishing company has to say about the book with companion CD

It’s a major publishing event! For nearly half a century, “The Marvelous Toy”—composed by the legendary singer/songwriter Tom Paxton—has enchanted children and adults alike. A simple tale about a mysterious, magical, and mystical toy that a father gives to his son—and that eventually gets passed down to the next generation—it celebrates a child’s sense of wonder. The witty, evocative lyrics spark the imagination. No surprise, then, that the song has been recorded by countless major artists, from Peter, Paul, and Mary to the Chad Mitchell Trio to John Denver, and won legions of fans through the years.

Paxton’s marvelous song has finally become a stunning picture book—oversized, wonderfully packaged, and complete with a CD offering three songs sung by Tom himself plus a music-only version of “The Marvelous Toy” to sing along with. Featuring incredible and wildly imaginative art by Steve Cox, illustrator of the award-winning Pigs Might Fly, the story is now as amazing to look at as it always has been to listen to.

Parents, grandparents, friends, and family worldwide will remember this classic from their own youth—and joyfully share it with their own children. And just like the boy in the song whose “eyes nearly popped right out of his head,” young readers will give “squeals of glee” at the magic of the music, the artwork, and this one-of-kind tale.

To buy it Go to Imagine Publishing - retails 17.95 US for this hardback with jacket and CD The book was illustrated by Steve Cox who's other books include The Diary of a Killer cat and Ants in My Pants.

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49 Responses
  1. Pam Says:

    The Over the Rainbow book and cd look great too. My son loves books, loves music and loves rainbows - it fits all 3!

    melacan at hotmail dto com

  2. Candace Says:

    My son would love T-Rex is in trouble. He likes anything dinosaurs.

  3. Thena Says:

    Prima Princess Ballet for Beginners, because my daughter believes she is a princess.

  4. Thena Says:

    I just subscribed by email to your blog.

  5. Kristie Says:

    My daughter would like Over the Rainbow-it really reminds me of something she would enjoy :-)

    khmorgan_00 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  6. My daughter would really love the Over the Rainbow book! The colors on the cover look so vibrant and alive. Plus she loves the song "Over the Rainbow" from Wizard of Oz! Thanks for the chance to win the Marvelous Toy book!

  7. Birdson Says:

    My Grandaughter Kara would love Micro Mania..... shes my bug

  8. Birdson Says:

    Im an email subscriber of YOURS

  9. Birdson Says:

    I follow U on GFC

  10. Birdson Says:

    Im a fan of YOURS on FB Birdie Skolfield

  11. Jessica Says:

    I am sure my son would LOVE the Over the Rainbow book.

  12. clallen Says:

    i think that my daughter would also love Jumbo Jigsaw Storybook: Dolphin’s Discovery because it makes a giant floor puzzle thanks clallen at ntin dot net

  13. clallen Says:

    sub by email clallen at ntin dot net

  14. clallen Says:

    follow your blog clallen at ntin dot net

  15. clallen Says:

    fan you on fb clallen at ntin dot net

  16. clallen Says:

    follow you on twitter clallen at ntin dot net

  17. Anonymous Says:

    I think my 2 year old would love Over the rainbow by the cover it seems to be a beautifull book and she loves little orphan annie.. I think it may also have alot of pictures by the description to encourage language in my one and 1 and 2 year old pictures they may reconize and they also love to curl up with mommy and read before they go to bed my e mail address is thank you for considering me for the giveaway.

  18. minishoes1 Says:

    I would say Dolphin's Discovery. Maxx, would love the fact that it makes a giant floor puzzle. He would like the t-rex book,too. Thanks!

  19. minishoes1 Says:

    I follow.

  20. minishoes1 Says:

    I subscribe.

  21. My Nephew would love the Jumbo Jigsaw story books. He likes to look at stuff like that in church.


    Prima Princessa’s Ballet for Beginners looks good also


    following blog



  25. Deb K Says:

    I think that my granddaughter would love the Over The Rainbow Book as she loves that song :)


  26. Deb K Says:

    I subscribe with Google Reader


  27. Deb K Says:

    I follow you too


  28. Deb K Says:

    I follow on Facebook

    Deb S


  29. Deb K Says:



  30. Diana D Says:

    T-Rex is in Trouble. Our grandson is fascinated with dinosaurs. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

    dianad8008 AT gmail DOT com

  31. Susan Says:

    Over the Rainbow at Imagine Publishing looks like something both my grandchildren would love. Great added bonus with Judy Collins singing!!

  32. Susan Says:

    Medicated Mama subscriber

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    Medicated Mama follower via Google

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    Medicated Mama fan on Facebook

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    Medicated Mama giveaway posted on my facebook page

  36. wmmahaney Says:

    Micromania would be perfect for my 12 year old son who is always looking for weird and gross facts.

  37. Honey Mommy Says:

    My sons would love T-Rex is in Trouble! They think dinosaurs are fun!

    honey2mommy (at)gmail (d0t)com

  38. Jennifer Says:

    I'd love to get the Cupcakes, Cupcakes & More Cupcakes! book for my aspiring baker friend. I think this book would give her inspiration and great recipes.

  39. Dolphin Girl Says:

    My kids would enjoy Jumbo Jigsaw Storybook: Dolphin’s Discovery

  40. JenniferB Says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. JenniferB Says:

    I think over the rainbow looks great- it comes with a cd with beautiful music and the illustrations in the book are wonderful

  42. JenniferB Says:

    following on twitter

  43. Ginny Says:

    Over the Rainbow looks like a beautiful book!


  45. i subscribed to your email

  46. Desiree Says:

    over the rainbow looks like it's going to be a great book

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