Today Im gonna talk about something more serious. See my website name "medicated Mama" means exactly what it says, Im a medicated mama. I was originally diagnosed with OCD over 10 years ago, and undoubtedly I do have alot of the classic OCD symptoms, I count, I have racing thoughts at times. No Im not like the character Monk, LOL Recently Ive been seeing a therapist after extensive sessions we have discovered that I might just be bi-polar. I have the classic ups and downs, my mood changes at the drop of a hat, I have a lack on interest in most things, especially those I used to LOVE to do. So my doc started me on a mood stabilizer called depakote, so far so good. Im a little tired, I hear thats a side effect, but so far I think its balancing out my moods. I more of on an even keel where as before I often scared people with my crazy mood swings. Anyway I just thought I would share, Im sure there are plenty of Mommy's out there going through similar situations and I want to let you know your not alone. its ok to talk about it, infact the more I discuss it the more I find out that a lot of other people have similar issues as well.

have a great day everyone, thanks for listening.
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